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Production process of a high quality curtain rod

Curtain rod production requires a lot of processes, which is different from its materials. In this case, the quality and finish time is also different. Now, let’s look at our common material’s production process.

Production Treatment process on different materials

1)Curtain rod Material=Zinc,Aluminum alloy:

Raw materials--> Mold opening--->Die casting-->Hole Drilling,Tapping-->Polishing-->Coloring

2)Curtain rod Material=Iron:

Raw materials--> Mold opening-->Stamping-->welding-->Hole Drilling,Tapping-->Coloring

3)Curtain rod Material=Plastic

Raw materials--> Molding opening-->injection(Use color material to direct inject)-->Coloring

4)Curtain rod Material=Resin

Sculpture-->Silicone Molding-->Pouring-->Color Spraying

5)Curtain rod Material=Pure Wood

Use sculptured or formed by lathing material for surface Spraying

Through different process, crafted workmanship, all material will be turned into a practical, beautiful and high quality products. Our company is always working to create more high-class curtain rod and provide better service to the world. If you want to know more details,please don’t hesitate to contact us.